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The Business of Business Podcast

May 18, 2021

Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field with Crystal Layland

A program for women to create a foundation that will allow you to break out and become visible. This will work if you have a career with a company, a side hustle, or you are an entrepreneur. Share your experience with others. Ask for help at home. There is usually an undue burden of home responsibility on the woman of the house.

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About Crystal

Crystal Layland is on a mission to accelerate the professional advancement & economic progression of women in the shortest time possible. As the founder of Her Career Insider: Exclusive Membership Community and Inventor of a career transformation system, Crystal teaches women to how to build authority in their career and add additional revenue streams, increase their visibility, impact & income

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Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Pl...

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Crystal, Roy Barker

Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  00:02

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the business of business podcast. This is Roy your host. So we are the show that brings a wide variety of guests on a whole diverse range of topics. You know, what we're hoping to do is just either spark an idea that maybe you haven't thought about, or we are, you know, hoping that we can add some value by pointing you to some professionals that could help you not only increase your brand, your visibility, your business overall. And I'm gonna say please give me please excuse me today I woke up with a little bit of a allergy congestions having to clear my throat a lot. I apologize for that. But I had such an awesome guest lined up for the day that I just couldn't wait to get on here. There's been so much about this in the news. It's a very timely topic. So I want to introduce crystal Leyland she is the host of her fearless hustle. And that is the name of it not not referring to her. But the name of the podcast is her fearless hustle. And she's also the founder of her career inside. Insider. It's a private membership community of ambitious women need to that need to advance their career and increase their net worth. Her career visibility workshop helps nine to fivers and side hustlers go from invisible to front runner in eight weeks. So with that, Crystal, thanks for being on our show, I think this is a I know that you target women, but there are US, US dudes out there that can probably use help with this on the visibility side. So we're all going to be taking notes as well. But thank you so much for taking time out of your day to be with us.

Crystal  01:45

Thank you for having me, You

Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  01:46

bet. So let's start we, you know, in the pre show, we talked there's so much going on around women's and work and career and side hustles that we got a lot to unpack. So we're just gonna jump into it. First off, I'd like for you to just talk a little bit about your, the visibility workshop that you run that helps people to, you know, go from invisible to front runner,

Crystal  02:11

sure that the visibility workshop is an eight week program where I help those who are established in their career really break out and expand their playing field by becoming visible and creating that foundation. So if they wanted to add what you know, they have intention to add, you know, like speaking or consulting, coaching those types of side hustles to their, you know, career. And the visibility workshop helps them build that foundation. So getting them on video, getting them talking, getting them out there getting them to share their expertise and provide value. So we do that through teaching them how to get on video, and how to do like guess podcasting, and things like that.

Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  03:06

Okay, awesome. And we're gonna jump into some visibility topics, you know, when I look at, get three of your strategies that you talk about, but before we do, I think we need to just stop and talk about the importance of this, especially during this time of life, you know, women have typically I'm speaking for women log on, no, but I will say that they typically have carried, you know, kind of that economic burden for all of us. And it's kind of been highlighted recently, but have women more probably more than men having to leave the workforce to stay home with children to help homeschool to educate, also do some work with the aging. So we see that on the other side of the spectrum, too, is that when parents get old, it's typically you know, the woman of the family that has to reduce her working hours or leave a career in order to take care of her his or her husband's or some other family members, aging parents. So, you know, there's a lot around that. So I think the importance of is not only you know, that nine to five, but some people have really begun to rely on their side hustles to help families pay the bills, you know, through this pandemic in tough times.

Crystal  04:24

Yes, of course. Do you I mean, is there a question?

Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  04:35

Yeah, no, no, there's really no question as to more of just yet. You know, that's what we're seeing. It's become more and more vital.

Crystal  04:42

And I think it's, you know, you mentioned about you, you being a male, opening this discussion, but it's, it's vitally important that you, you know, males understand this discrepancy in the workplace because, you know, we need to see change. And we need to understand where women fall in, in the responsibilities that they hold at home, but also in the workplace. So like, last year, I mean, there's there's just been talk all over, especially because of the pandemic last this past year, about how women are taking on the burden at home, they're taking on more tasks and more emotional labor in the workplace, because of our identities, because of that social conditioning piece, where it's where women are, like the the, the emotional hub, the the ones that are putting things together, the ones that are, you know, planning in all of those different characteristics that that are like, attributed to females, but we have to understand like, we are overworking them in the workplace with that intense emotional labor, those added tasks without that added compensation. And then, in the household, there is an incredibly high rate of females that left the workforce back in September of 2020. And I, it was from Forbes article. And we've got to do something about that, right, because we have ambition, we have this need to make an impact. And we put our families first, of course. But then where do we come out? When it comes to our career? Because our careers an important piece in our life as well. Right? You're making that difference providing that value, and just really stretching our growth.

Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  06:58

Right? Yeah, for sure. In you know, as I related to you earlier, it was a really eerie coincidence that as we were getting ramped up, I had the TV on in the background in a major network, NBC, they do PSA is in the morning. And just so happens, a guy came on and said that, you know, women, when women ask for raises in the workplace, they are typically turned down where as men as forum, they are overwhelmingly, you know, given one in a reasonable fashion. So anyway, it's just, you know, a lot of things here, again, we need to unpack and, you know, I think we as a society, we as the work or home workforce companies, you know, we can all do better, we have to, we have to understand this, as you know, if you are an employer, that employs women, I mean, you have to take these things into consideration about, you know, sometimes their struggle is not at work, it's at home. And so you know, their mind may be at home, and whatever we can do to help balance that work, work life balance for everyone men to there are men that go through this struggle. But anyway, we just need to be a lot more aware of these things. I think

Crystal  08:13

I'm going to probably be a little outrageous here by saying this, but that 40 Hour Workweek, those strict restrictions on your being, like, at work, I feel like we need to, to really revise those so that we can definitely have, you know, strong employees that are loyal to the company that are doing really good work, but also rewarding them for living. I mean, we have like that 40 Hour Workweek is it's it's just been ingrained in us. And I don't think we really truly understand that. How did that develop? Is it really necessary? Or are these rules these set standards that every large, especially large employers have with their scheduling of their staff? Is that Is that necessary? If you were to make some tweaks to allow for, you know, that flexibility to take care for the household? If we were to make some tweaks? Would you? Would you have a better office space? Would you have more productivity, would you you'll be able to expand and grow your business. There just needs to be a little more flexibility with thinking about how we're structuring our practice and restructuring, restructuring our businesses and that's not I mean, that's just that's a really far out statement. But it all trickles down to some

Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  10:09

right. And well, we miss out on a lot of good talent, you know, I'll speak from that business side is that if we don't watch those things, we can miss out on incredible, incredible talent, because I know I've worked with companies where he knows this one manager had an awesome lady. But one, you know, she was very steady, good worker, good person. And then all of a sudden, she just quit showing up. Well, they, but this manager took the initiative to call her up and she wouldn't answer went to her house, what's up with the, you know, this isn't like you? Well, you know, their car, I think had gotten repoed. And so she didn't have way to get the child to the babysitter, and she didn't have a way to get to work. And so instead of calling putting up with the hassle of somebody hollering at her and telling her how bad she was for not getting there, she just chose not to. And in a lot of times, it's because she can eventually go get another job paying the same amount somewhere else. But this manager took the time to go out find this out, they were able to provide a work around. So it ended up being a win win for both the manager got her employee back who she knew knew the job and she could trust was a good worker. And the worker got her job back that she liked, but it was just, it was this little communication and some preconceived ideas that, you know, they just both had to get over. So, you know, I think that's always one of my favorite stories to tell is that, you know, we never know what we don't know. So we have to ask the questions, at least, put in the time to ask that question, see what's going on. We never know what's going on in other people's life. And sometimes, sometimes you can't work around it, I get that sometimes it just, you know, it's a good time to separate. But there are a lot of times that you can build some bridges, flexibility and schedules, maybe husband's work, schedule change, he can't watch the child. But now Hey, I could extend your hours you can come in at you know, he can come in later and stay later. Anyway, they there's a million scenarios we could go through. But I think my point is just ask the question, have a dialogue, talk about it and see what you can work out. So let's get back to Sorry, I kind of digress. But it's just like this is all so top of mind. I just wanted to get off and talk about that. But let's look back at your visibility workshop. So what are three overlooked strategies that we can use to increase our career visibility?

Crystal  12:42

Sure, this video number one, goodwill is just an incredible tool, it doesn't have to be something like ridiculously elaborate are long. You don't have to buy any fancy equipment. Everyone has a smartphone nowadays. So getting on video getting and posting that I do a LinkedIn video, which is one of my favorites, because that's where my ideal target audience is. But your videos one incredible tool. The second is using LinkedIn, especially for career professionals. It's it's just an incredible tool, there's still that organic reach. There's high level conversations happening there. There's access to industry experts and peers who are actually engaging in the conversation with you. As a as like, compared to other social media platforms, guests podcasting, you know, showing up in front of an already established audience and providing value, sharing your expertise, having really, really engaged discussion about your topic, your specialty, those three are overlooked strategies, in my opinion, that can really open opportunities for you in your career, whether that's like adding extra side income, or you're getting the spotlight on you from other employers or your own employer saying Oh, I didn't know that they so and so was so invested in this, you know, in expanding in your own workplace, or even taking a different turn in your career and you're leaving the corporate world altogether and having a go at entrepreneurship. There's so many opportunities It's just, it's just a matter of getting visible, right? And you're hiding value. No,

Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  15:08

no, we'll take a minute to talk because I'm a big proponent of video. And I've talked a lot about it for years and the fact that people, people, longtime listeners, right, get sick of me saying it. But you know, when we talk about, let's say a blog, if you just put out some text, it's okay, if you put a picture in it, it's even better. But they say that, you know, the the video is what can really lead people back. And so when we think about that, in, let's take it in the LinkedIn terms, two things I think are very important. Number one, it's hard for personality to come out in tech. So if we just write a really thoughtful post, it's great, but then people don't really get to know you get to feel you. And I think that's important. An important part of the video as well. The other thing to think about is the space it takes up, you know, when we when we read a text post on LinkedIn, or Facebook or anywhere, you know, we get the block of whatever the text is. And so it can be easy to scroll, get scrolled by or get missed, where so if we have a picture, you know, we take up more space. Same with the video. And so it's it's just another kind of an eye grabber for people that it'll make them stop on your post a lot more to have that. And then if you got the video, then you're you know, showcasing not only what you want to talk about, but your personality as well, which is very, I think it's very important to try to, you know, because what we're really trying to do on here is connect with somebody, and it's hard through the, it's harder through the written word, we can say things people, like for sure, but when they see you, they're like, Hey, I like that person, I respect that person I want to listen to you know what they have to say. So very good point. So then, the other thing is, is, so why should we be paying more attention to our personal brands, you know, as we come out of 2020, getting into 2021?

Crystal  17:11

Sure, well, a lot of people are sitting very comfortably in their careers, not really thinking ahead, and then all of a sudden, we're hit with this pandemic. And there's unexpected job losses, or there's, you know, a lot of downfall from this, and this is just one incident. But it definitely revealed a lot of loopholes in how we're how we're positioning our career. So paying attention to your personal brand, is something that we read, if you're not doing it already, we really need to start because it will help you maintain or pick up from a job loss, it will allow you to be like proactive, and having that plan B like I said, if you start on video today, and start just providing value, 60 minutes, once or twice a week, that's 60 minutes, excuse me, whoa, 60 seconds, like, just a minute, you know, it doesn't have to be long, right? But if you have something to say, you know, provide value for like 60 seconds, less than a minute and put it on your LinkedIn and engage with your audience there. You're going to start to build a foundation and establish you have another opportunity where you can add additional streams of income. So it's leveraging the technology that we have available and provide value in the marketplace and then you're able to decide where you take that Yeah, but if you don't start like I mean you can't go three months down the road and be like well, I really need some extra income this isn't you know, some things happen and shifts in my job and it's just not working out. You know, I know I know for me, like if I wanted to add additional income getting a part time job in town is not going to provide the additional income that I need Can you know, I guess with the time away from my family, etc, it's just not going to be the amount that we're looking for. So you establishing yourself opening that door of opportunity expanding your playing field, you're able to really take control of of how much do you want coming in just depending on on where you take it speaking engagements I mean all All these things, you can set your price, you know, speaking engagements, consulting, coaching. You know, affiliate marketing is not something you can really play with as far as like setting your own price. But, you know, there's just so many opportunities, you just have to start now, because you have to you have to be visible. And that's just a key thing. If you are serious about your career, if you you know, like, like I said, we don't know what what can happen, anything can happen, like we if we sit too comfortably in our careers. What are you gonna do when something happens?

Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  20:46

Yep. Yeah, and that's a good point. Yeah, that's a good point, we never know, you know, sometimes we can see the handwriting on the wall. And we have some lead times, sometimes we don't. The other thing too, is if you've been at some place, for a long time, it's you may get complacent. One thing I always tell people to do from a young age is get a three ring binder, any training, any certificates, anything like that, that you accumulate, put it in that binder, if you never need it, it's not a lot of time out of your day to punch some holes in a piece of paper and throw it in. But what happens is, you've been at a job 1015 years thinking you maybe we're gonna be there forever. And then it ends, you've got your binder, where you can put together your resume or update your resume. And then you know, it's kind of the other thing is, you don't have to keep it polished all the time. But it's not too bad to just have a resume that's always in the works, to be able to add these lines of complements and things like because, for me, I will say if you if you you know, if I had to sit down and start thinking back over the hears of some things that have happened, it would be difficult, but if you've got a place to go, flip it open and look in it. And then one more thing is always it used to be a little easier in the business card days, because you can you know, when I say is get the business card, jot down a few notes on the back of it, there's electronic ways to upload it. But now you can just open a file or you know, a one note or somewhere to write down everybody's name that you come in contact with a little point about them. Because it goes two ways, we never know when we might be able to help them. And we need to give freely without expecting things in return. But we never know when we may have to reach out and say, you know, they may be a hiring manager at a company we're trying to get on to so we've got that relationship much easier to get in the door. Sorry, go ahead. No,

Crystal  22:47

you just lost Adrian mentioned something that I wanted to, to kind of elaborate on

Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  22:56

that back on the three ring, three ring, three ring

Crystal  22:59

binder. So here's here's what like, just to kind of step it up a little bit with that, we should always have a resume on hand. Like you should always be having like an updated resume. So that in case there was an opportunity that you didn't have a lot of time to like, prepare a resume, and you need to submit one right away, you'd have a little tweaks and then you're able to send it out. So we should have an updated resume at least revisit that maybe at the end of the year, every year. Okay, what we need to be paying attention to as well is, you said keeping a three ring binder that is great. And that is one piece of the puzzle to another piece is jotting down your wins for the week, like what did you accomplish? What? What can you add to that binder, like what happened that week. And, and being able the third piece is to be able to talk about that, to be able to feel confident enough to express and share that with your boss or, you know, an A mentor or sponsor. And we often shy away from talking about ourselves, but we have to get over that hump because we have to be able to communicate clearly what we bring to the table.

Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  24:29

Yeah, and I think that an important part that you just brought up was the you know, writing down those wins that we have every week because resumes now you can probably talk more to this than me but resumes have changed over the years and there was a time when it was more task focus. Like, you know, I turn the computers on I work in word I work in Excel. But I think that we've moved past that to more of what value Have you add Did like, you know, we took on this project and accomplished this and either brought in this much more revenue or save this much money, the more detailed quantification of the success is much, I think it's better on our resumes Now then, then the old task oriented, like, you know, this is what I do every day.

Crystal  25:25

I'm not gonna speak on resumes. But I think that because I, they think there's more other individuals that are more qualified than me to talk about resumes. But just another way to to get your mind wrapped around this is that nobody else is going to be paying attention to your skills experience in your accomplishments, what you exactly what your boss isn't, is not paying that close attention. Yeah, they're gonna know if you're late, or missed the deadline, but they are not gonna be paying that close attention. In, you have to do that. So you have to speak for yourself, you have to document for yourself, you have to take control. And in in getting that driver's seat of your career.

Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  26:16

Yeah, because we could say the same thing about, you know, we were kind of focused on resumes, but we could say the same thing about going in and asking for a raise at the end of the year. If you've got your list of accomplishments that you walk in and say, here's some things that we're going to talk about some concrete examples of what I've added to this company, you know, and while the boss should know, you know, let's just give them a break for a minute, say they've got, I don't know, 2025 50 100 people, you know, how many people under them, they're not going to remember each and everything, like he said, they will remember the day that you might have been running late, but you know, all these accomplishments, they're not going to really be focused. So if we don't keep up with that they they certainly want. So that's a, that's a great point. So there are, he mentioned that there are three simple steps that we can position ourself for career advancement and additional income. So you just mentioned how we can do all those in under 60 minutes a day.

Crystal  27:18

Sure. So LinkedIn is definitely my like go to for for positioning yourself for career advancement. And being active on LinkedIn, you can do that in probably less than 60 minutes a day. But the three, I guess, stops some very simple steps is to make new connections, and to be engaged in conversation that you're interested in, right, and, and produce video content. That's, those are three simple steps, they shouldn't take much time. But But there's something important to understand about like connections and engagement on LinkedIn, because just having a connection is not is not necessarily beneficial. Right. So I have like, probably 2000 connections, it's not a terrible amount. But if I go and connect with somebody, just because they sent me a request, and they're not really active on LinkedIn, it doesn't serve a purpose at all. So you have to be intentional about who you're connecting with on there. You want to connect with industry peers, who are in the same line of work, industry experts, and those that you can serve. So if you know or in accounting, connect with people that you that you can help with whatever, you know, area of accounting that you you specialize in. But what you, when you look for these connections, make sure that they're engaging on posts, make sure they're creating content doesn't have to be daily content. But go and look and see what what they posted recently. And see if they're sharing content, that's going to be a really good connection for you. Because then, then you can go back to that the three simple steps that I mentioned, they're going to be the ones that more likely you can have a conversation with and that you can get that engagement and you know that that's going to be the beneficial piece on on LinkedIn. And you could do that every day. I mean, it's so easy, so quick. And when you Start soon, it's just going to be one of those things that you do, right? And then it's gonna snowball from there if you if you do it with intention.

Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  30:08

Yeah, exactly. And, you know, one thing I do that some people may say it's a it's a huge waste of time. But LinkedIn has a great feed in the mornings where I get people's birthdays. And I get people who have had career advancement, or something like that. And so while it takes me about, I don't know, 234 minutes to run through and just, you know, say congratulations, or Happy birthday. I've actually gotten, I've actually gotten jobs off of that, because I had a guy that, you know, we had been connected, we'd kind of seen each other industry events. And then, you know, one day it was like, I guess he'd been at this company for 15 years, or whatever. So I just hit the button that said, Hey, congratulations on your work anniversary, he immediately emailed me back and said, Hey, I'm glad you reached out because, you know, I need this project done. And I was wondering who could do it, and you know, you can and it's, I think, to me, it's an importance of being Top of Mind is because there's a lot of people that can do your service. And there's a lot of people that can provide it. And you may know, he may know, john q public, you might have met him years ago, but if you haven't kept up with them, or if you're not in front of them, but you know, the other guy, your competitor, he might have just saw him at an event yesterday, he's going to be top of mind. So when john q needs this work done, it's going to be like, Oh, this is the person I'm going to go with because not because they're better met necessarily, but just because it's top of mind. So another great reason to you know, be active and put this content out. Another thing, I'm not huge on scripts or over producing, so I love the I love the more videos where they're just raw, somebody just picked up that phone, they had a great thought something that was gonna benefit others. And, you know, just took a little 32nd 45 second video and posted it out there. I get more from those than I usually stay away from those that live very overproduced and over scripted, because I don't know if it gets back to the trust factor. I mean, I trust somebody who's just being, you know, being themself and putting it out there. Right. So, speaking of LinkedIn, what are some ways that we could optimize, optimize our profile and maybe make some updates or some tweaks on that?

Crystal  32:44

Sure, take a look at your profile picture, make sure it's like up to date, make sure that it's not late, I've seen some crazy profile pictures, where it's half of a face or less sunglass lens or something. And I'm like, that's not, that's not the platform for LinkedIn. Okay, that we are, that's not the profile pic for LinkedIn. So so really make sure that it's polished, you know, it does have to be like a professional photo, I think mine up there is like, I snapped on my smartphones not. But it's a current photo, it's professional, and it's clear. So taking, you know, a look at your profile picture, the cover, you can do a cover on your LinkedIn profile. If you choose, you can create one in Canva really quick with one up and, and showcase a little more of your expertise. It's kind of like your Billboard. You can, you don't want a lot of texts on there. But something that's eye catching, and to the point would be very helpful. The headline. The headline is just something that I think people really misuse. They either have like this ridiculous title that nobody really knows what they do. So if you had me some employers have crazy titles and you're like, well, that's not really, you know, you can use a generalized title that's searchable, if you wish you you don't want to put all your accolades up in the headline, that's just it takes up too much space. So be very clear. You know, if you want to put like a tagline up there that says, You know, I provide software engineering services for like small, I don't know, whatever. Good on the spot. And again, this time. You want to say who you are, what you do and who for you. So one thing that I talk a lot About with my private clients is treating your career like a business, like you have a service that he provide, right. So when I say that, going back to that headline, think about the service that you provide and who for and be very clear, because that's what's going to get more attention. I've seen way too many letters up there, you know, when people have letters behind their name, which is great. That's just not the space for that. So make it very clear what you do, and who you can hire, that's going to really help you. And you could change that, like, don't be afraid to play around with it. But I would, I would address that headline, first, the about section. And this is gonna be my last little tip to really optimize but the about section try to try to give value there. A lot of people talk about me, me, me, but it'd be very beneficial for you to think about something that, that you're maybe it's like a trend or pain point, or a problem in your industry, your field, and provide a little snippet of what that that is and how you can change that around how what what can you do? What steps can you provide? So like a little tip, you know, a small brief statement about what's going on in your industry, why that's happening? And here's how to change that around. That's going to be beneficial, you know, for connecting with people. Yeah, and don't look at mine, because I update my

Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  36:55

Yeah, you know, back to the pictures. That's one thing I can speak to that's changed a lot, you know, because back when LinkedIn first started gaining popularity, you know, we had to be in a suit and tie. And you don't, you know, it's all business and but my opinion is we need it has eased up some and become a lot more personable. So, you know, like mine, I've gone to just the picture in a collared shirt, you know, I don't, with anything we talk about there is that line of crazy that you can cross so that, you know, definitely we want to stay just this side of something that is too outlandish and ridiculous. But I do think that, you know, being ourselves being honest, being human, you know, that's what we want to try to do. Because the whole reason for this is trying to connect, I mean, it's not trying to let somebody know that I do own a suit and tie even though I don't wear it that much. It's it's more of you know, who am I? How can I help you can we connect, because people tend to buy from people that they like, they sit, they tend to see a lot of themself in the other person, they there's this trust factor, you know, those are all the things that we are trying to do digitally, you know, over LinkedIn with our profiles, or with our pictures and all this stuff. It's we're never going to make it all the way. But I mean, it's a it's a good start for somebody to want to reach out to talk to you to begin with.



Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  38:23

So what are what are three must have connections that we own for LinkedIn?

Crystal  38:29

Oh, yep. And that was the, you know, going back to the industry peers, okay, the industry experts and those that you that you can serve, making sure that they're engaged on the platform, making sure that they're, you know, having those conversations and sharing content, because that's going to help you, you know, that's going to help you engage with them.

Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  38:56

Okay. Awesome. Well, Crystal, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to be with us. So before we let you go a couple questions. First off is what is a tool, an app of habit or ritual? What is something that you do every day in your professional personal life that adds a lot of value that you just couldn't do without?

Crystal  39:18

So I run my business through Asana. So Asana is a project management tool, okay. And that is one thing that I can't live without. It allows me to organize the things that I have to do for my business. It keeps my clients on task. Allows like due dates and things like that. So it's just a one stop shop for me. Okay, um, so that's my,

Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  39:45

okay, well, good, good. We'll have to check that out. Then. Next thing is so who is your client? What can you do for them and how can they reach out and get a hold of you?

Crystal  39:57

Sure. So for visibility, workshop my clients are career professionals who are established in their career, they have ambition, they want to get in front of the room, they want to expand their playing field, they want to add additional income streams. And I help them get visible, I help them build that confidence to be able to talk about what they do and to add value to the marketplace. And if you're interested in hearing about that workshop, and if it's the right thing for you, you can connect with me on LinkedIn at Crystal Leyland or you can send me a text message 612 to 303 excuse me 612 to 308900

Roy Barker - The Business of Business Podcast - Women Realizing Their Potential, Breakout and Expand Your Playing Field  40:52

Okay, well great and we will put all of that contact information in the show notes as well and then up on the web page when we post the post this episode so anyway, y'all reach out give Krystal call, see how she can help you either advance your career or you know, help you with that side hustle to maybe make it your your full time gig that there's nothing more exciting than that than taking something that you love to do. And you're doing it on the side and turn it into a business that you can actually live off of. So anyway, thank you again for being with us. This is going to do it for another episode of the business of business podcast. Of course you can always find us at www dot the business of business we're on all the major podcast platforms, Apple podcast, Google podcast Stitcher, Spotify for not a one that you listened to regularly please give me a email heads up and I will see if we can get us added to that. Of course we're on all the major social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram and this episode video will go up on the YouTube channel once it has been posted. So until next time, y'all take care of each other and take care of yourself.