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The Business of Business Podcast

Apr 1, 2021

Digital Marketing Series 2 SEO Episode 3, Off-Site Strategies To Increase Visibility with Bobby Machado

Bobby shares off-site SEO strategies. This is one part of SEO that people hear the least about during strategy sessions. These are the kind of tactics that Google build it strategy on. Do others in this area view this website as an expert? Backlinks, links from other sites back to yours are important indicators and very important.

About Bobby:

Bobby is the CEO and Lead Strategist at Signa Marketing, CEO at Sector 7 Apps, and a partner at Quick Job Products with his brother Cesar Machado.

As a kid, Bobby always had an interest in business such as providing landscaping services, training horses, or reselling “Tang” back to his parents during 5 grade. His experience in the digital world began when he taught himself how to code websites in high school, which turned into a way for Bobby to make money on the side while racing motocross, which remains as one of his passions to this day.

After he stopped competitively racing at the age of 22, Bobby decided to focus his full-time efforts in web development as a freelance web developer, which then introduced him into the digital marketing world. Being the analytical and creative type, Bobby developed a passion for digital marketing and data.

After working at an automotive digital marketing agency as a paid media specialist, managing a little over $300,000 per month in Google Ad spend for several auto dealerships in the United States, Bobby combined my passion for business and launched Signa Marketing.

Signa Marketing currently makes up about 70% of Bobby’s time and he enjoys hosting a Signa Marketing show named “Blueprint”, in which he answers any and all user-submitted questions on how to market their business online. New episodes are released on Signa Marketing’s YouTube Channel.

Overall, Bobby enjoys being immersed in anything “digital” that has a positive impact on people and humanity.

Full Transcript Below


Roy - The Business of Business Podcast - Digital Marketing Series 2 SEO Episode 3, Off-Site Strategies To Increase Visibility (00:03):

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the business of business podcast. I'm your host, Roy, of course we are in the middle of our digital marketing series on SEO with Bobby, from Cigna marketing, Bobby, how are you doing today?

Bobby - Signa Marketing (00:17):

Uh, doing a really, really great out here in Phoenix, which has got some rain. And so we're enjoying that, that he came up at the ranch the last night as well by yourself.

Roy - The Business of Business Podcast - Digital Marketing Series 2 SEO Episode 3, Off-Site Strategies To Increase Visibility (00:25):

Uh, we're doing good. We are drying out and, uh, fixing to move into spring. So everything is good here. So, uh, last week we did, uh, our second episode on and it was on onsite SEO. This series is based on SEO for parts, and this is going to be part three today. We're going to talk about off-site SEO. So I encourage you to go back and listen to our two previous episodes to kind of start with the basics then the on-site. And so now we'll do offsite. So with that, I'm going to let you take it away. I think kind of where we left off is building authority and trying to drive our search rankings.

Bobby - Signa Marketing (01:02):

Awesome. No, it sounds great. So offsite, SEO, I feel like is the Porsche of SEO that people hear less of, uh, and onsite is always kind of like more on the forefront when it comes to business owners, knowing about, you know, SEO and so forth. Right? So one thing too, to note big time is offsite. SEO is really the, the major impact that, uh, affects rankings in terms of driving rankings and attaining traffic. Okay. So the best way to explain it, as you know, on-site SEO is what you're claiming. Basically you're telling the user and in search engines who you are, what you do, where you do it here, my, you know what credibility you have, stuff like that, but these are all claims and all of the claims need to be backed. And so that's where offsite SEO comes, uh, into the light on, on proving those, those claims and at a high level offsite is, uh, having high authority websites that link back to your website, basically saying, giving you a thumbs up and saying, Hey, what this website is saying is actually true. And this is our it.

Roy - The Business of Business Podcast - Digital Marketing Series 2 SEO Episode 3, Off-Site Strategies To Increase Visibility (02:06):

Yeah. And this is where, uh, you probably have a better understanding. I'll let you explain the history of Google. This is really what in the early days, what set them apart from other search engines and algorithms, because basically my understanding is they were looking at words on pages and saying, you know, that was really all they did. If you mentioned your word on the page, then obviously they tried to move traffic to you. But when Google came, came along, they said, well, if we got 300 pages, 300 sites that all have the same word on it, you know, who is the biggest authority. And so that's why they started looking at, uh, how many links from other pages linked back to you. And then there were some, uh, Tom Foolery going around with that. So then it's like, they, they made these domain ranking. So now it's like, if you, you know, like the, the big ones, the MSNs the Forbes and, you know, they have very high ranking. So if they linked back to you, very good versus, you know, you know, a link farm Lincoln back to you, it's going to kind of get you in trouble.

Bobby - Signa Marketing (03:11):

Yeah. That's exactly it. Yeah. You want to kind of stay away from any, any fake stuff, more real mentions that you can get the more real links, uh, the better and the safer, of course

Roy - The Business of Business Podcast - Digital Marketing Series 2 SEO Episode 3, Off-Site Strategies To Increase Visibility (03:23):

It takes time. I think, you know, we, we talked about that earlier and it never hurts to mention it again, is that this is a long-term strategy. Yeah. I mean, we can post something that goes viral and we'll get a big kick from it. But typically this SEO is a long play. It is just, it's a grind, there's no silver bullet, it's doing the right things with all of your posting, with all of your pages and keeping that up as you go out in time and it'll pay off and it'll pay off in with the long tail. It's not something that you see a spike and then it goes away. It'll be something that you can stay up there.

Bobby - Signa Marketing (03:56):

Right? Yeah, that's exactly it. I mean, even, even if people are thinking about traditional PR, you know, you're not just going to have one story written about you and it, it, it changes your life. I can, you know, maybe if you got on Oprah or Allen tomorrow type of deal, but, you know, uh, PR those fundamentals are the same here. When we talk about off-site SEO, is that essentially digital PR. And you're looking to build that over time and it's, you know, it's not going to be built in a day type of deal. So you want to be able to, uh, make sure that you have a strategy and a process for executing a consistent effort of attaining those votes of back links from high authority sites in you're going to get a mixture over time, you'll get sites that maybe don't have that much authority, but, you know, if it's high quality it's relevant should absolutely, um, uh, take it in that sense.

Bobby - Signa Marketing (04:44):

Uh, and then you definitely want to get a mixture of really high authority sites, uh, linking back. But there's a couple of different strategies that we can dive into on, on how to that one is definitely one of my favorites, uh, which is guest blog, posting doing guest blog posts. Essentially what you're doing is seeking out publishers or other websites that are speaking about the same subject as yours, and offering to write a free piece of content for them. So that, uh, and in that free piece of content, you'll have a natural, highly relevant link pointing back to your site to a specific page that actually makes sense to tie those, those two, right. So what happens is, you know, your gain, a great, you know, link back and the publisher has gained a free piece of content that's of value to their users. So that's what, at a high level, what that exchange looks like. And as always to meet, you know, uh, the, the objective of delivering value to each, each end user, you know, in that sense. So it's not just to do a trade or anything like that, but it's actually because the publisher genuinely feels that you're going to write a piece of content that their audience actually wants.

Roy - The Business of Business Podcast - Digital Marketing Series 2 SEO Episode 3, Off-Site Strategies To Increase Visibility (05:50):

Right. Yeah. And I think you mentioned earlier that, you know, we need to take a view of this as PR and that this is, uh, uh, long-term exposure, because I may not need your service today, but if you are doing SEO and other things, right, you're going to stay in front of me or that way in a month, two months from now, when I do need that product or service, you're going to be top of mine. So we need to keep that in, keep that in my own team.

Bobby - Signa Marketing (06:16):

Yes, yes. A hundred percent. And, uh, and, and even it can even go dabble into forming actual, true relationships with a lot of different publishers and the individuals within these publishing sites and stuff. Um, because you always want to think of from a content marketing perspective, you know, how can I provide value to their audience? Um, and when you're, when you're providing value, the opportunities open up where you can receive a link back to your article, et cetera. Um, and the more you do that, the more consistent that effort is that effort is, uh, the rankings will come over time. And what you're building is an asset, because those lanes, you're not going to lose them tomorrow. If you're building fake links, you can lose them. Uh, no one really thinks about that. They think like, Hey, I built this link. It's going to last forever. You know, it's not the case. I mean, a lot of sites go down or maybe change or something like that. And you lose that link. And so by doing these types of strategies too, you're building something that's much more sustainable as well. Yeah.

Roy - The Business of Business Podcast - Digital Marketing Series 2 SEO Episode 3, Off-Site Strategies To Increase Visibility (07:13):

And I assume that, um, if I write an article for somebody with a higher domain, if I've got it keywords that the topic relates to my business or service, that the chances are, I may get exposure over on their site because they've got the higher domain authority than I might, if I posted the same content on mine. So there there's also, you know, just the, I guess, just their sheer numbers and the however much traffic they get. We can think our odds go up by being on their site too.

Bobby - Signa Marketing (07:46):

Yes. Yeah. A hundred percent correct, too. You want to look at, you know, how much traffic is their website already attaining, because there's already a ton of traffic going to their site of loyal readers. Um, that's a great way to pretty much not, I don't want to say the word siphon, but that's where you're going to, that's where you're going to receive some traffic from their audience. Cause they're being introduced to your site instead of, so yeah. So th that's why there's just so many benefits and it's also why SEO gets very complicated because it's, you know, we, we always want to try to simplify things and say, okay, it's, it's one, this one thing that's going to be here. And this is not the holiday. So that's why I look at it like a puzzle. And you're trying to do is just really get this puzzle really organized so that then you can execute upon it.

Roy - The Business of Business Podcast - Digital Marketing Series 2 SEO Episode 3, Off-Site Strategies To Increase Visibility (08:34):

Yeah. And, you know, I can attest to this before you start out on the backlink journey, you need to get an extra helping of patients because it takes time, you know, reaching out, especially to, you know, these higher domain authorities. You have to realize that they get a lot of a request and that's why you really need to be able to market to them. And you really need to have a very well-written in a high quality content article to present to them.

Bobby - Signa Marketing (09:03):

Yes. Yeah. And that's, again, exactly. It it's, it's a long, a long process. That's why it's tough. That's why, like you kind of just grinded it out and there's strategies and processes and systems that you can employ man, and stuff like that to really streamline workflow. Um, but this is why, you know, true SEO is hard and why it's an investment of time and resources, but, you know, to build something true and real, you know, it's, it's not an, a, it's not going to be something that you can just, you know, do me an hour a month or something like that.

Roy - The Business of Business Podcast - Digital Marketing Series 2 SEO Episode 3, Off-Site Strategies To Increase Visibility (09:34):

Yeah. Now, um, so what about local? You know, that's kind of more of a, you know, the bigger ones may be more national exposure, but what if we want to try to, uh, if we're a local service provider in a geographic area, how can we go about helping ourself with that?

Bobby - Signa Marketing (09:49):

Absolutely. So when it comes to local lists, you know, um, I just to keep things simple, I try to, I, I like to say that your Google, my business is about 50% of, of SEO efforts in the sense that you want to make sure that it's not only to built out, but it's really, you know, you're taking advantage of all the features that Google gives you within that profile. Um, making sure that all your services are really built down in listed in there, making sure that every, every item that's relevant to your business is build out, uh, within that profile. Um, and then, uh, regarding that profile and make sure that there's a consistent process for posts and making sure maybe it's like a weekly post or something like that, that you're sending out and that you have a process for obtaining, uh, reviews on a consistent basis.

Bobby - Signa Marketing (10:33):

Um, you should have a photo call internally if it's yourself or a team that says, okay, when a happy customer report they leave, this is the checklist of what we do to get a, a review. And so you want to make sure that your internal infrastructure is in sync with, with that, uh, because that will compound, you know, effect your local SEO over the course of time. It's also how people make buying decisions. You know, because if you have three people ranking that the local package is that, you know, where you see listings with the stars, right. They only have three. And if everyone has, you know, the everyone's ranking at the top, right, there are people are like, okay, well, who am I going to choose? And reputation is usually one that one of those huge indicators that say, okay, you know what, I'm going to call this only because they have 150 reviews and it's five stars, anxiety type of deal.

Bobby - Signa Marketing (11:18):

So, uh, so that that's one major factor. The other, uh, in relation to Google, my business is going to be making sure that your nap, your name, address, and phone number is consistent to the team across all online directories, which is what we also call citations. Um, and, uh, those citations are always going to at least carry those three, you know, details at a bare minimum, but it's a way for a search engine to ensure that they understand who you are. And you know, what your contact information is when they start to seek discrepancies between citations for a certain business, uh, the trust level decreases. So what you're looking to do is make sure that you're just a hundred percent, you know, solid in terms of your Napa process on, uh, all I know your online presence and that boosts the trust level from a search engine standpoint. Yeah.

Roy - The Business of Business Podcast - Digital Marketing Series 2 SEO Episode 3, Off-Site Strategies To Increase Visibility (12:08):

To make that point too, to always reach out, to get those, uh, you know, w to get, um, the, um, recommendations that we can put on our website as well. I think that means a lot because the one thing with, uh, with, uh, Yelp and some of these other, um, ranking or the, uh, evaluation sites is we have to remember, um, uh, see what is it that upset customers will reach out to eight people? Eight upset customers will tell eight people, a happy customer will tell one. And so we kind of have to work harder to help, uh, promote and get, move those, uh, happy customers out to the front. Uh, you know, not that we want to cover up, we can always learn from poor reviews for sure. Try to manage it. And, um, uh, you know, I know we don't want to get too off track on that, but I think it's a good, it's a good way to address them. We can't dismiss them. You, you can't call people out for being crazy because I've seen some strings where the business owner and the client, the client had a problem. It's a typical problem. You may encounter at any business, but then the owner jumps in and just makes it worse,

Bobby - Signa Marketing (13:21):

Right? Yeah. No, Hey, here's the fire? Let me put some more gas on.

Roy - The Business of Business Podcast - Digital Marketing Series 2 SEO Episode 3, Off-Site Strategies To Increase Visibility (13:26):

Yeah, yeah. I mean, it was just a match for a moment. And then all of a sudden it was a bonfire by the time this guy got through with it. So it's just good. You know, we have problems, we have to dress it and say, you know what? Sorry you had it. I'm gonna make it right for you because I look for that. I, yeah. Businesses are gonna have trouble. How do they handle it once that we get to, anyway, I know that's kind of digressing,

Bobby - Signa Marketing (13:47):

But that's such a great opportunity to yeah. Because when you have exactly what you're mentioning is when there's a fire, you have an opportunity to showcase how you as a business handle those. And I typically, I see those as like, almost like a blessing of opportunity because you don't necessarily always get those opportunities unless something bad happens. Right. So, so it's always, uh, something to, to, um, kind of see in a positive light of an opportunity to showcase, Hey, cool. Like, this is how we can, we can show people in public form how we handle these, these situations.

Roy - The Business of Business Podcast - Digital Marketing Series 2 SEO Episode 3, Off-Site Strategies To Increase Visibility (14:20):

Yeah. And it, it, you know, negative feedback. It's, uh, sometimes we think that it's not, it's not always good. It's not always in our best interest for sure. But I think you gotta look at it from the business owner. If we don't get negative feedback, how do we know things are wrong? How can we change? And so that was why, you know, I always welcome feedback from my clients because I want to know what can I change to make this customer experience better? If I never hear from you, then it just stays the same poor quality that people may be experienced in that, you know, because you got to look at it this way, why I think is good and what I want is very different from what customers want. So anyway, we always have to be dialing that in, but

Bobby - Signa Marketing (15:00):

All around. True. Yep. Yep.

Roy - The Business of Business Podcast - Digital Marketing Series 2 SEO Episode 3, Off-Site Strategies To Increase Visibility (15:02):

All right, Bobby. Well, uh, anything else you want to add on the offsite before,

Bobby - Signa Marketing (15:05):

Before we get out of here? So I think that wraps up our offsite, SEO. I mean, there's a few other, uh, pretty technical ways to, to execute backlink acquisition campaigns. You know, we touched on guest blog posting, I would say it's a grid, keep this simple. It's just because there's more technical strategies out there for sure. But is, you know, I would, I would encourage people to participate more on digital PR even from doing things, even like, you know, uh, items like videos like this, where, uh, where you're producing content, because when there's content produced, there's always links involved and to connect people and stuff like that. And so the more you continue to really put in the time and the effort to, to building your digital PR the better. Yeah.

Roy - The Business of Business Podcast - Digital Marketing Series 2 SEO Episode 3, Off-Site Strategies To Increase Visibility (15:49):

All right, Bobby. Well, again, thank you so much for stopping by and we appreciate the, uh, all this great information that you're giving us. So how can people reach out to you there at Cigna market?

Bobby - Signa Marketing (16:00):

Yeah. So you can visit That's S I G N as in Nancy, a Uh, and we also have a YouTube show called blueprint where I answer any and all digital marketing questions related to marketing your business online. So if anyone's out there and it has a specific question, and even the more specific, the better, uh, feel free to send it our way you can find us at Cigna Mark at any, uh, is our social media handles everywhere. So Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn, you can find us there and just submit a comment or a direct message, and we'll make sure that it gets answered on the next time. So

Roy - The Business of Business Podcast - Digital Marketing Series 2 SEO Episode 3, Off-Site Strategies To Increase Visibility (16:36):

Awesome. Well, y'all reach out to Bobby, see how he can help you on your SEO. Uh, next week, we're going to be back with, uh, re optimizing or redesigning existing sites. Uh, you know, sometimes we've let things go so far that maybe it's time for a little bit of an overhaul. So we'll talk about that next time. Uh, again, thanks for listening. This is the business of business We're on all the major social media networks, as well as podcast platforms until next time, take care of yourself and take care of your business.