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The Business of Business Podcast

You Have Found The Perfect Candidate, Now What?

Jul 4, 2018

Nina Ross, with Nina Ross Business Consulting, is a free-lance Business Operations Manager.  Business owners hire me to assist in corporate decision making and strategy.  I provide my professional, unbiased opinion on all matters related to operating your business. 

Nina is a problem-solver with many years of expertise...

Jun 22, 2018

In Episode 5 Roy Barker talks with Beth Cody about Mastermind Groups. 

Beth Cody started in Digital Marketing as a way to avoid the typical college trap of delivering pizzas or flipping burgers and found her passion for working with businesses focused on education. Today she works with exhausted business coaches looking...

Apr 24, 2018

Marty has cultivated 30 years of experience in hands-on sales management and double-digit growth in every one of his ventures. He has worked for companies such as Vintage Senior Living, LivHOME, Sunrise Senior Living, CORT, and Cigna.

In order to deliver record-breaking sales in highly competitive fields, Marty had to...

Apr 6, 2018

Leadership development is an important factor in employee retention. I was fortunate enough to speak with Jeffrey Davidson with Great Team LTD on the subject. 


Jeffrey Davidson has been exploring the boundaries of world-class
teams for over 20 years. As a recognized expert in strengthening
leaders and building...

Apr 6, 2018

This will be the first of a multi-part interview with Heather Deveaux a freelance writer discussing content. Where do you start? In this episode, we covered a lot of general ground and hope to drill down further in future episodes.

You can reach Heather Deveaux freelance writer at an also